We Won: 80% Frames are Back

We Won

We have some great news to share: 80% frames are back in stock!

The recent Biden led ruling that tried to ban homebuilder kits has been vacated by a federal judge in Texas. According to the judge, the ATF does not have the authority to make this decision. Only Congress can make this kind of change.

You can see the ruling here.

So starting today, we are proud to announce that we are selling our 80% Sig Sauer frames again.

New Products

We have been designing and testing a lot of exciting new products that we think you are all going to be happy with.

Today we are launching our redesigned Universal drill jig for Sig Sauer P226, P228, and P229 frames. One jig, three different models, so you won’t have to buy another jig if you want to come back and build a different model.

Next up, if you are a customer building 1911’s, we are launching our new Universal Decking Jig (available now in our store) that will let you build single stack, double stack, and long dust-cover frames with the same jig. We want to save you as much money as we can so you don’t have to keep buying new tools when you build another frame.

We saved the most exciting product for last: the Ruger MK 0% kit. It’s finally here and going into production in the next few weeks. In early September, we will be launching the Matrix Precision jigs for receivers, as well as our Revenant Arms barrels, and bolts. Then in early October we will be launching the frames and internal parts.

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