The Ruger Zero Percent jig goes in stock tomorrow 04/19/24. We will also have barrels, the optional Ruger Bolt jig for making the cuts at the rear for the bolt.

We will have the sights for sale next week, and the bolts will be available when they are back from heat treat and PVD/DLC coating. The grip module is still not in production, it’s the last piece of the puzzle.

2 replies on “Ruger Jig Update

  • Rick Saunders

    Received the “New” Ruger Jig, Ruger bolt tool and hoping to use them later this week.
    Dave, you are amazing. Precisely engineered, wonderfully finished, shipped promptly, your service is outstanding!
    Thank you and your family.

    • David


      Thank you! That really makes me feel good!
      By the way, we have revised instructions we just finished. We moved the drilling of the ejector holes before we cut the bottom cutouts. It’s better this way. I will email you a copy straight away.


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