Sig Sauer P226/P228/P229 Trigger Bar Differences

Currently, the only P226/P228/P229 trigger bars for sale on Ebay, Midwest Gun Works, and other retailers like Sig Sauer, are the “Super Finish” trigger bars, part number: 1200332-R. They are stamped “473”. These trigger bars will only fit in DAK (double action Kellerman) capable frames.

Most Sig frames require the regular trigger bar, part number: ”Trigger Bar-2” which is often stamped with “801”. The most notable difference, other than the 473 super finish being is very shiny, is the 801 trigger bar is split at the rear (right) and the 473 has no split.

473 vs 801 trigger bars

Now the Revenant Arms frames are compatible with both trigger bars.

4 replies on “Sig Sauer P226/P228/P229 Trigger Bar Differences

  • Randall

    Does the Revenant Arms Sig Sauer P Series Trigger Bar work in the older and unmodified frames? The picture shows 180 stamped on the trigger bar (instead of the 801 or 473) and does not feature the split tail. I thought that the 180 was DAK?

    • David Anthony

      Thank you for pointing that out. The picture is incorrect. The Revenant Arms trigger bar is compatible with the 801 trigger bar and will fit in all frames.

  • Tom Skotzke

    Hello Matrix, is the super finish trigger bar available for a P227 Elite ? The trigger bar in mine is stamped with the numbers 844. Thanks


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