226 Beaver Tail Frame in 226 Drill Jig

The Revenant Arms 226 beaver tail frames don’t quite fit into the old Matrix Precision 226 drill jig, so you cannot get the alignment pin to go into the frame as it should. It’s very close, the frame needs to go back to the rear about 1/32 of an inch.

The pictures below explain where to make an indent in the jig, either with a Dremel tool or a file. It doesn’t have to be precise, just so the pin fits in and the frame sits flat on the floor of the jig.

Where to adjust old Matrix Precision 226 jigs to fit Revenant Arms 226 beaver tail frames
Make sure to cut both sides

If you bought your 226 drill jig after 08/01/22, you would have received an altered jig, so this doesn’t apply, the frame should fit fine in the jig. The Revenant Arms 229 beaver tails fit fine in the Matrix Precision 229 drill jig.

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