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Revenant Arms REV226 Serialized Frame


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Revenant Arms REV226 Frame

This is a Sig Sauer P226-inspired frame, 100% finished and ready for your parts and slide.

For this frame, all Sig Sauer P226 parts and mags are compatible. To assemble into a full firearm, you will need a complete slide assembly (including barrel, guide rod, and recoil spring), grips, mags, and a lower parts kit.

Please note that if you have a German carbon folded (stamped) slide, the slide may not fit because of the variations in the stamped and welded slide. If you send your stamped slide to us, we can make sure that it will fit the frame we send you.

The frame is CNC machined from solid block, 7075 T6 aluminum.


  • REV226 frame

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Manufacturer: Revenant Arms

Additional information

Weight 9.3 oz
Dimensions 7.75 × 5.25 × 2.25 in

Anodized, Plain, Nickel

2 reviews for Revenant Arms REV226 Serialized Frame

  1. Dominic Lamberta (verified owner)

    Perfect! Did a complete build with this frame. Sig Pro-Cut slide, TiN Threaded barrel, Gray Guns short reset and dual adjustable flat TiN trigger, Hogue G10 grips and the rest of the build parts from Matrix (spring kit, pin kit, slide release, hammer, etc). Everything went together perfectly with no additional fitment / sanding needed.

  2. Zach (verified owner)

    Ordered both the anodized and nickel frames. Slide has a perfect fit on both frames. The finish on the OEM MK25 is slightly better than the anodized frame. The nickel frame finish feels better then the OEM MK25. Frame design looks much better than OEM frame. Thicker trigger guard gives it a more tactical look. Original Sig rail looks much better than the M1913 and works with the X300.

    I built it with the Revenant Arms Lower Kit, Wolff 20lb mainspring and OEM parts PKIT-MK25, 1200439-R, 1202829-R and HAMMER-STOP-2. Below are the parts used. The MK25 parts kit will provide all of the OEM springs except the hammer reset spring and mainspring. It also provides the OEM trigger bar which is better then the aftermarket one. The OEM hammer stop has a more matte finish that matches the frame.

    Take Down Lever – Revenant Lower Kit
    Locking Insert – OEM 1200439-R
    Slide Catch Lever – Revenant Lower Kit
    Slide Catch Lever Spring – OEM PKIT-MK25
    Trigger – Revenant Lower Kit
    Trigger Pivot Pin – Revenant Lower Kit
    Trigger Bar – OEM PKIT-MK25
    Trigger Bar Spring – OEM PKIT-MK25
    Sear – Revenant Lower Kit
    Sear Spring – OEM PKIT-MK25
    Sear Pivot Pin – Revenant Lower Kit
    Safety Lever – Revenant Lower Kit
    Hammer – Revenant Lower Kit
    Hammer Pivot Pin – Revenant Lower Kit
    Ejector – Revenant Lower Kit
    Hammer Strut – Revenant Lower Kit
    Mainspring – Wolff 20lb
    Mainspring Seat – OEM PKIT-MK25
    Hammer Stop – OEM HAMMER-STOP-2
    Hammer Reset Spring – OEM 1202829-R
    Hammer Stop Pin – Revenant Lower Kit
    Decocking Lever – Revenant Lower Kit
    Decocking Lever Spring – OEM PKIT-MK25
    Decocking Lever Bearing – Revenant Lower Kit
    Magazine Catch – Revenant Lower Kit
    Magazine Catch Spring – OEM PKIT-MK25
    Magazine Catch Stop – Revenant Lower Kit
    Magazine Catch Stop Spring – OEM PKIT-MK25
    Support Plate – Revenant Lower Kit
    Grip Set – Hogue G10 20159
    Grip Screws – Revenant Lower Kit

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