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Revenant Arms Aluminum Mainspring Seat Kit for Sig Sauer P239


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The stock Sig Sauer P239 Hammer Strut assembly is difficult to replace because of the old style pin that holds the mainspring onto the hammer strut. This kit converts the P239 hammer strut to the newer E2 hammer strut system, which is more common and easier to install and disassemble. You can change hammer springs easily, using the screwdriver slot in the mainspring seat. This drop in assembly does not interfere with the stock grips, so no grip fitting is necessary.
Hammer strut
Mainspring Seat
Available in silver and black.
Revenant Arms, Made in USA

Additional information

Weight .3 oz
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 in

Silver, Black

1 review for Revenant Arms Aluminum Mainspring Seat Kit for Sig Sauer P239

  1. Bruce Smithhammer (verified owner)

    If you own a P239 with the original strut/seat arrangement, don’t hesitate to get this upgrade. Not only is it a perfect fit, but it makes mainspring changes a breeze, just like on the other, newer P-series pistols. One of the best upgrades I think you can make to your P239.

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