Matrix Precision 2011 Tooling Package


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Matrix Precision 2011 Tooling Package

This tooling package is for 2011 frames to help you complete the drilling and rail cutting. It contains all tools you need to complete your 2011 frame.


  • Matrix Precision 1911/2011 Rail Cutter
  • Matrix Precision 1911/2011 Drill Jig
  • #35 Drill Bit and #22 Drill Bit
  • Matrix Precision 2011 Frame Hold Down Hardware
  • Matrix Precision 1911 Test Block for practice cutting with the Rail Cutter
  • Silicon Carbide Lapping Compound, 800 Grit
  • Matrix Precision Rail Cutter Grease for the rail cutter slide and screw (not to be used as cutting oil)
  • Bonus: Matrix Precision 1911 Frame Hold Down Hardware. This is included because this kit can also be used for 1911s, with one additional tool (either a Matrix Precision 1911 Decking Jig or the Matrix Precision 1911 Barrel Seat Cutter) depending on the 1911 frame.

Note: Please check with the company that sold you the frame to verify which operations are needed to complete it.

This package comes with .118 thickness cutters, which is most commonly used. We sell .117 cutters individually if you would like to ensure a tight slide fit, but it will be more work if your slide is wider.

Manufacturer: Matrix Precision

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Weight 148 oz
Dimensions 16 × 6 × 4 in


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