Matrix Precision Arms 1911 Quad Drive Grip Bushings, Black w/Wrench


Quad Drive grip screw bushings are superior to a screw driver slot, and hex drive bushings. Very strong drive, bushings and wrench are hardened steel.
The traditional screw slot tends to strip, and the hex drive has very little bearing surface on the grip, which tends to wallow out the hole in the grip at the hex tips.
Four black grip screws and wrench included.
  • Made by Matrix Precision Arms.

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Revenant Arms 1911 Quad Drive Grip Bushings, Black

These four unique quad drive grip bushings are for securing the grips on your 1911 frame. Our superior design eliminates the screwdriver drive and replaces it with a wrench that is much stronger and prevents the common issue of stripping screws on install or removal.

It is also an essentially round bushing, much like the original 1911 grip bushings, which protects your grips. The six points of the hex drive bushings degrade grips by elongating the holes in your grips after multiple rounds of shooting.


  • 4 quad drive grip bushings
  • Wrench

Manufacturer: Matrix Precision Arms

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