Complete German Sig Sauer P228 9mm Parts Kit Refinished for P229

Complete German Sig Sauer P228 9mm Parts Kit Refinished for P229


Will have some more kits in July. Just waiting on some missing parts. (The kits I have left are missing parts like hammer stops etc.)


Please note: We are out of the plastic 228 grips, and have only Rubber Hogue grips left. Unfortunately, the rubber Hogue grip are not very nice in my opinion.

REFINISHED VERSION. Complete German Sig Sauer P228 9mm replacement parts set. This set includes a complete slide assembly, trigger, hammer, lower parts, etc. It does NOT include a frame or magazine. This kit will also work with P229 pistols. The parts will also work in a P226, with the exception of the barrel, slide, hammer stop, and locking block. The kit shows normal holster wear, handling wear, etc, due to its age and use. That said, it will clean up nicely and is perfect for use as a caliber conversion, custom build, as spare parts, etc.

These kits are fully guaranteed. All parts are guaranteed to be in good serviceable condition.

These came from a government agency, thus show holster wear from daily carry which is why we also offer these kits fully refinished by a company that is very experienced in black oxide on firearm parts. The refinished ones are beautiful and look like new.

Slide comes assembled, with new inner and outer breach block pins.

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