Matrix Precision Sig Sauer P Series Temporary Pin for Sear Spring Pin

Matrix Precision Sig Sauer P Series Temporary Pin for Sear Spring Pin

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If you want to function test your Sig Sauer build without installing the sear spring pin, these 2mm temporary pins are a slip fit and won’t expand the hole like the spring pin will. Use them on all of your builds to function test before anodizing or coating. Then push it out with a paper clip, and thus the sear spring pin hole is virgin for the final assembly where you will install the real sear spring pin.

Models: Sig Sauer P220, P226, P229

Note: It is not recommended that you take the sear spring pin in and out of the frame. Every time you remove or insert the sear spring pin, it enlarges the hole in the frame a bit because it is intentionally designed to be larger than the hole. Ideally, you only want to install the sear spring pin once and never remove it.

Manufacturer: Matrix Precision Parts



Just received the 2 frames this afternoon. They are fantastic, as usual. You have certainly converted me to become a builder rather than a buyer.

Your rail cutter is amazing like I knew it would be. I think with your tooling almost anybody can perform an above standard job.

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