Boride Sanding and Smoothing Stones

Boride Sanding and Smoothing Stones

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Boride Sanding and Smoothing Stones

Sanding and smoothing stones are perfect for removing small amounts of metal to get a final fit for your slide on the rails.


  • Boride Rail Smoothing Stones: 6" x 0.5" x 0.115"
  • Boride Sanding Jig Stones: 6" x 0.5" x 0.25"

Available in several grades from 120 grit to 800 grit.

Note: After using a Matrix Precision 1911/Sig Sauer Combo Rail Cutter, use a Boride Rail Smoothing Stone to smooth the inside of the rails. If the slide is fit too tightly, use a Boride Sanding Jig Stone in the Matrix Precision 1911 Sanding Jig to finalize the fit.

Be sure to use some light cutting oil or WD-40 so the stones don't clog up. We use CRC 3-36 as an oil and 400 grit to smooth out machine marks on our aluminum frames. It's the right grit to take off some material but not make noticeable scratches.

Manufacturer: Boride


Just received the 2 frames this afternoon. They are fantastic, as usual. You have certainly converted me to become a builder rather than a buyer.

Your rail cutter is amazing like I knew it would be. I think with your tooling almost anybody can perform an above standard job.

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