Matrix Precision 1911 Decking Jig


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Matrix Precision 1911 Decking Jig

This decking jig is for 1911 frames with a barrel seat already cut, which generally means it requires decking. It features through-hardened rod inserts and hardened steel drill bushings. Use this jig for cutting down the top and dust cover on steel or stainless steel frames that need decking, as well as for drilling the hammer pin hole and sear pin hole.


  • 1911 Decking Jig
  • Frame Locating Pins
  • #22 and #35 Drill Bits

Note: The knobs on the pins can be removed for easier clamping in vise. The double stack decking jig can also be used for single stack short dust cover frames. The single stack decking jig is only for single stack frames, but it can be used for short dust cover and long dust cover frames.

Manufacturer: Matrix Precision

Additional information

Weight 24.3 oz
Dimensions 10 × 2.75 × 1 in
Jig Type

Single stack, Double stack


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