Matrix Precision 1911/2011 Sanding Jig

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Matrix Precision 1911/2011 Sanding Jig

This is a good way to get the width of your 1911/2011 frame down so your slide will fit. You can put a file in the tool to take down the width faster and then switch to a stone to finish.


  • Matrix Precision 1911/2011 Sanding Jig with 220 stone
  • Wrench

Note: The sanding jig comes with a 220 stone, but we have grits 120, 320, 400, 600, and 800 also available here: Boride Sanding and Smoothing Stones.


Just received the 2 frames this afternoon. They are fantastic, as usual. You have certainly converted me to become a builder rather than a buyer.

Your rail cutter is amazing like I knew it would be. I think with your tooling almost anybody can perform an above standard job.

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