Here are some answers to some of the most common questions:

What kind of mags fit in your P229?


While my 229 frame was designed after a current production E2 frame, I decided to make the magwell fit the older skinnier mags. So for 9mm, any P228 mag and the older P229 non dash 1 or E2 will fit.

A picture of the difference between the normal mag and the wider E2 mag. The flair in the E2 makes it too wide for our 80% 229.

For .40 and .357, you can sometimes find Promags on ebay that are the old style P229, but the easiest is to use any .40 226 mag and use an X-grip to fill the space

Magazines: The Mecgar mags, manufacturer part number MGP22810N seem to be high quality, fit well, and can be found for around $23 with shipping. They are available in nickel or black, with a different part number. They also come in 10, 13, 15 and 18 rounds.


Can you use a 226 slide on the 229 frame?



Yes, you just need the correct locking insert and a 226 drill jig. The take down lever is .140 inch further forward on the 226.

A great example of the 226 and 229 built on our 80% frame. Both frames Duracoat. Note that the 226 on the left is using a 226 mag with an X-grip.


What tools do I need to complete my 1911 or 2011 frame?


If your frame has the barrel seat already cut from the manufacturer, then you would need:

A 1911 or 1911/Sig rail cutter.

Decking jig.

Drill Jig.

You have the option of using the decking jig with included drill bushings to save money, but you can't drill the holes for a 2011.

If you plan on building a 2011, then purchase the decking jig without drill bushings, and the separate 1911/2011 small drill plate jig.

Drills. (Drills are included with the drill plates, but not the combination decking jig)


If your frame does not have the barrel seat cut, then you don't need a decking jig, instead you would need:

A 1911 or 1911/Sig rail cutter.

Barrel seat cutter.

Drill Jig.