This finishes the steps to complete the zero percent, so probably the last instructional video, unless someone wants further detail on something, which I would be happy to do.

It was a really fun build, but it would have been more fun if I wasn’t rushing in order to keep the videos as short as possible. My advise is to take your time, file for a while, then take some breaks. Don’t rush it. It’s not as easy a build as the Sig frames, but it’s not that hard either, and if you accidentally ruin a frame, it’s only ten dollars instead of two or three hundred dollars for the Sig or 1911 frames.

Also, the receiver on this gun is really just a tube to house the bolt and the breach, there isn’t really any tight tolerances in it. As long as the tube isn’t interfering with any the trigger group, and the bolt can travel forward far enough to hit the breach face, it should function fine.

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