Functional Ruger in 5 hours

Getting close to the finish, this week I was able to make the mag release, hammer bushing, and recoil spring rod, which only leaves basically six more parts:


Grip frame




Bolt hold back

I sort of changed my sequence strategy, I am planning on making all the parts first, then the grip frame last. That way I can make adjustments to the frame for the parts, if need be

I’m quite happy with the parts so far, as far as their precision and quality. I wasn’t super happy with the first jigs and barrels, so now I’m thread rolling the threads on the barrels for smoother threads, and the machining on the new batch of jigs is also much smoother with no sharp edges.

I realize that without parts, not many people have had a chance to complete their builds. I have received a few nice comments, like the ones on the blog and the two below, that help inspire me to keep going on what has turned out to be the longest project ever. Thanks to everyone who has been following this for their patience.

“I built a MK1 as proof of concept. The 0% Kit is fantastic just like the 1911 Rail Cutter. Very good stuff. Thanks for the 0% jig.”

From another builder:

“I just wanted to say “Thank you” for such a well made jig! I went from opening the package to a functional Ruger in about 5 hours! The toughest part was fitting the rear sight, the rest was time consuming but not difficult. Thanks again!”

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