I have had a few customers ask what I am up to at Matrix Precision, so here goes. The main thing is that the demand right now is crazy, as anyone who goes onto a gun related website can see from all the out of stock products. Since my products are more niche, I have been able to keep up pretty well by working more hours and getting my wife and family to help out.

Because of the Polymer 90 and Diversified Machine raids, I decided to make some changes on my website. I am taking down the zero percent page and the customer build page. I still plan on making and selling the Ruger barrels and parts kits, and will have time to do so with the ending of the Sig frame production explained below. Everything else will remain the same, with Sig parts kits and slides available on a pretty consistent basis. I will still be selling all the tools and jigs for as long as there is a demand for them.

I decided to stop making Sig 80% frames for good. I have said that before, but ended up getting back into production for various reasons. This time the reason is more compelling and final. I believe that it will not be long before the 80% receivers will be much more difficult to make and sell because of the current attitude of the BATF, the law suits by California and other states against the ATF, and the new anti-gun administration coming in January. I think that the BATF will either change the rules about what constitutes an 80% to be much more strict, or perhaps require that all 80% receivers be serialized, and thus be only manufactured by class 7 license holders, and sold and registered through FFLs. When that happens, I don’t want to have a bunch of unsaleable frames in stock. Since continuing to make frames would require buying more material, (a $4000 investment), it makes sense to just use up the material I have and end production.

I have enough material to make about a month of sales of the 226 and 229 frames, and have already stopped producing the 220 frames, but do have some inventory left.

I am notifying the customers who purchased a Sig rail cutter in the last six months to give them a heads up about the limited supply in case they have not had the opportunity to build a Sig yet.

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