Progress Report on Zero Percent

Things are starting to gain momentum. This week I finalized the jig design and started milling jigs. I also made all the tools and plates included with the jig, except the templates.

Additionally I started producing the ejectors since it is the one part that is needed to actually finish the receiver.

I am hoping to get the jigs to heat treat by the end of the week if all goes well.

Jig Kit:

Main jig with cut outs and drill bushings

Bore opener for tap

Tap alignment jig

Side plates for milling or holding in a vise (includes four screws)

5/16 pin to secure tube in jig

Four nylon tipped set screws for holding frame in jig while drilling 5/16 hole

Heavy paper templates for bottom cutout dimensions and ejection port width


5/16 (take down lever hole)

1/8 (ejector mounting screw hole)

9/64 (slot locator hole for slide stop bottom cutout relief)

#39 (ejector tab hole)

#31 (6-48 tap holes)


13/16 Tap (barrel mount threads)

6-48 Tap (rail mounting holes and barrel alignment hole)

Model of Ejector

Model of Ejector

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