All Our Jigs Now Have Hardened Drill Bushings, and the 1911 Drill Jig Accepts a Plunger Tube

If you want to replace your old drill bushings, I am selling hardened replacement bushings. It's fairly easy to replace them, just tap the old ones out with a punch, (make sure the punch diameter is less than .25 in.) and tap in the new ones with a hammer. Just be sure to check straightness from both directions so you don't start them crooked and don't tap them in too far or the frame won't fit in.

If you don't have confidence in doing it yourself, I have an option on the 1911 page for sending it in and I can press in new ones, I have a fixture that keeps them straight while I press them in.

I have been getting a lot of requests for a drill jig for the Hellfire Armory 1911 frames with built in plunger tube, so our drill jig now accommodates that.


Fortuitously, I found another thirty excellent 228 almost complete parts kits, so I will be offering them for sale shortly. I am going to be selling them with a frame only, or to people who bought a frame and didn't get a parts kit. The reason is, people were buying my $300 kits and selling them on eBay for $500 or more, which nullified my intention of offering a reasonably priced parts kit for my customers to complete their builds.

I have a few complete kits. Then some with everything, less the grips. Most will be everything, less barrel and grips. And finally some will be without the slide, barrel, and grips.


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