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Parts Kits:

I get a lot of inquiries about parts kits for the 220 and 229 80% frames. The 228/9 parts kits are essentially gone, but I will have a few dozen 220 parts kits that I am putting together in the next few weeks. They are nearly complete kits, but no slide or barrel. I have them for sale in advance on the website now.

The  Latest Project:

For the next project I wanted to try something different- instead of another 80% it will be a "zero" percent, meaning that you the builder starts out with a blank slate, a simple piece of un-machined metal tube, and with our jig, complete the receiver. More work than a typical 80%, but very doable for most skill levels. To make this possible,  I chose  a fairly simple receiver, the Ruger 22/45, .22 caliber on a 1911 style grip frame. It should also be the cheapest home built to complete , with the receiver costing less than $20, and I will be providing the complete parts kits (less grips) for around $300 (I hope!).  All very precision high quality hardened tool steel parts, no plastic parts. Should be a fun project, and am looking forward to building some for myself too. 

The picture below is from the internet, but it kind of shows the type of grip housing and bolt design I am shooting for. Even though I have quite a few of the parts finished (except for heat treating),  there are still many to make so it will be early next year before I have them completed.


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