It all started when...

My father gave me an old carbine and I wanted to take the front sight off so I made a tool for it and started selling them on ebay.

We are one of the many thousands of tiny businesses that make this country great! This website is owned by David Anthony Machine, a sole proprietorship. It is basically a one person business with some family help. My goal is to keep this business small, uncomplicated and fun! I don't wish to become a larger business, nor have the complication of having employees. That's why I am out of stock at times, for which I apologize. I try my best to make sure every product I make is perfect, but no one is prefect. If you receive something that doesn't meet your expectations, please let me know, I will go to great lengths to make you a happy customer.

Note to attorneys that make their living shaking down small businesses: There is no money for you here! I have no liability insurance that can pay you off, I don't own any real estate, my equipment is leased, and my net worth is probably less than your hourly fee!