226 80% Frame Anodized

226 80% Frame Anodized


Please note- The older 226 drill jigs won’t quite fit this frame. It’s an easy fix, please email me for info.

Available for shipping 3/21, anodized available the following week.

Please note that the picture is of a completed gun, this is for the unfinished 80% frame only. Uses the 226 drill jig, although you could build it as a 229 and use the 229 drill jig and all 229 parts except the hammer stop, grips, and mags. Essentially it could be a 229 that uses 226 mags, great for the .40/.357 since the older 229 .40 mags are hard to find. Keep in mind, the difference in parts between a 226 and 229 are:

Locking insert, hammer stop, grips, slide and barrel assembly, and mags.

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