1911/2011 and P220/P229 Combo Rail Cutter

1911/2011 and P220/P229 Combo Rail Cutter

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Precision rail cutter. Works on 1911 and 2011 steel, stainless, and alloy.
Includes a handle. Choose your cutter thickness

This Precision Rail Cutter has the longer slide to do the Sig 80% and a 1911 car for the 1911/2011 frames. Comes with your choice of .117, .118, and .119 carbide cutters. For 229 frames use .119 cutters.

Use .117 cutters if you are trying to achieve a tight slide fit, and the .118 seems to work well for 1911 builders slides.

The .117, .118, and .119 cutters are interchangeable in all our rail cutting jigs.

Includes a sear pin installation kit.

Rail Cutter Written Instructions- Ver13 (12/06/2016): CLICK HERE.

A video on using the rail cutter:



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